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Please find below a suggested check list of items for your baby

Cot or Cotbed
New mattress
¾ Stretch cotton fitted bottom sheets
Flat, smooth cotton top sheets or Baby Sleeping bag
Cotton, small-weave cellular blankets, plus one wool
 blanket for very cold nights
Flat, smooth cotton pram sheets or Swaddling blanket
Curtains with black out lining.
Small plug-in night light
Baby monitor/room thermometer
Moses basket and stand or small crib
Baby bouncing chair/craddle
Travel Cot
Decoration – colourful frieze, matching pelmet and tie-backs
Changing chest/ cot top changer
Baby clothing hangers
Spare Mattress cover
Cot quilt and Bumper
Sleep positioner.
Things to consider:
QUILTS & DUVETS: Recommended only for ages over one year old 
due to the risk of smothering or overheating.
Bath time and Changing Essentials
2 plastic changing mats (upstairs/downstairs)
Bath seat/support
Cotton wool
Baby oil
Nappies, reusable or disposable
Nappy wrapper or Nappy bucket
Nappy sacks
Nappy & moisturising cream
Baby wipes
Soft sponges
Baby brush
Bath oil
Baby shampoo
Nail scissors/clippers
Bath time, changing Extras
Baby bath
Changing station
Shampoo shield
Breast feeding Essentials
2-4 Nursing bras
Breast pads
Nipple creams & sprays
Expressing machine (preferably electric)
Milk Freezer bags and Clips
Feeding bottles & teats (various sizes)
12 Muslins
Breast feeding Extras
Nursing pillow
Glider chair and stool
Feeding Essentials (0-6m)
240ml (8oz) bottles
120ml (4oz) bottles
Teats – medium and slow flow
Bottle brush
Steam steriliser
Feeding Extras
Nursing pillow
Teat brushes
Washing-up bowel
Electric bottle warmer
Bottle insulator
Powdered milk dispenser
Glider chair and stool
Feeding Essentials (Older children)
Drinking cup
Shallow plastic teaspoons
Food processor/hand mixer
High chair
Plastic backed bibs
Feeding Extras (Older children)
Ice cube trays
sterilised plastic box
Portable high chair
Splash mat
Pram toys
Musical cot mobile
Baby gym or Play mat
Cloth books
Bath toys
Door bouncer
Newborn Clothing Essentials
6-8 vests – 100% cotton, body suit style
4-6 nightdresses or sleep suits100% cotton
4-6 day outfits
2-3 cardigans
1 snowsuit (seasonal) – washable fabric, 2 sizes too big
2-3 pairs socks
2 hats
2 pairs mittens
Shawl – 100% lightweight cotton
Jacket (seasonal) – washable fabric, 2 sizes too big
Things to consider:
SHOES: Not recommended for small babies as 
they may cause harm to their soft bones.
Out & About Essentials
Pram/ sun canopy (seasonal)
Pram footmuff (seasonal)
Pram/pushchair rain cover
Car seat with head support
Out & About Extras
Baby sling
Shopping tray/bag on pram
Car seat sun shade
Car sunblinds
Car seat replacement cover
Lamb skin fleece liner
Safety Indoors
Safety gates
socket inserts
Corner cushions
Bath mat
Door antislam protectors
Locks for oven, cupboards etc
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